The Challenge Group of Hotels management and staff of Trans International and Oasis Hotel in Nadi engaged in a tree planting exercise last Friday(05.05.23).
This was part of efforts to further promote sustainable tourism and Fiji’s 30 million-in- 15 years tree planting initiative.
Officiating at the event was the Assistant Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Hon. Sakiusa Tubuna who acknowledged the company for contributing to Fiji’s tree planting initiatives.
“The tree-planting initiative undertaken today, reflects your organization’s determination to protect our environment, including water sources and coastal communities, addressing climate change, enhancing biodiversity, and increasing the opportunities for improved socio-economic development,” he said.
“This initiative is aligned to the Coalition Government’s strategic priorities and also the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 15, which aims to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial eco-systems, sustainable manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.
“Through our partnerships and initiatives, we work towards protecting the future of our environment and our community.”
Hon. Tubuna further stated that the growth of greener spaces has been evident since the launch of the program, bringing positive outcomes for our community, ensuring our region can continue sharing our natural environment and experiences for locals and guests alike, while looking after our backyard.
General Manager, Ms. Mary Wye Qiqi acknowledged that the benefits of eco-friendly initiatives such as tree-planting has generational impacts for our community and hopes that it will inspire visitors to travel sustainably so future generations can enjoy Fiji’s pristine beaches, majestic coral reefs, and lush national parks.
“For us, being a part of this 30 Million Trees initiative program is more than just reducing emissions, it’s helping us take that step forward as a community, leading the way in sustainable tourism, and helping us preserve the land around us,” she added.
Founder and Managing Director for the Challenge Group of Hotels, Mr. Suresh Patel envisages the provision of quality hotel rooms with exceptional guest services at the same time promote sustainable tourism through the hotel’s holistic approach, such as using solar hot water system in the guest rooms, the establishment of solar flood lights for exterior lighting and the hotels aim to have a nursery for tree seedlings.
The Ministry of Forestry continues to coordinate Fiji’s tree-planting campaign with the aim of expanding Fiji’s forest cover and restoring degraded forest areas. This initiative is one of Fiji’s main platforms towards addressing climate change because trees are scientifically proven to be among the best nature-based solutions for capturing carbon.
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