BALI MOU SIGNED-(25-05-2023)

Today, Hon. Sakiusa Tubuna, the Assistant Minister for the Office of the Prime Minister, formally endorsed the Bali MOU, reaffirming Fiji’s dedication and assistance in tackling the issues arising from misinformation, mal-information and disinformation through social media platforms.
According to Hon. Tubuna, this collaboration arrives at an opportune time, considering Fiji’s ongoing challenges relating to misinformation and the spread of fake news.
He further emphasised that Fiji being a small island developing state lacks the necessary resources and capacity to address these challenges on its own. Therefore, establishing strategic partnerships plays a vital role in effectively addressing issues that have significant and wide-ranging consequences.
The signatories of the MOU also included:
▶️ H.E. Dr. Khieu Kanharith Minister of Information, Kingdom of Cambodia
▶️ H.E. Maung Maung Ohn Union Minister for Information, Republic of the Union of Myanmar
▶️ H.E. Toelupe Poumulinuku Onesemo Minister of Communication, Information and Technology, Samoa
▶️ H.E. Dr. Hasan Mahmud Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Bangladesh
▶️ Mr. Iman Brotoseno President Director of Televisi Republik Indonesia
▶️ Mr. Rizal Giovanni Aportadera Jr, Vice President AIBD
▶️ Ms. Philomena Gnanapragasam, CEO AIBD
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