Book Compiled Through Determination and Prayer

Prime Minister Hon. Sitiveni Rabuka officiated at the book launch of: Sports, Hollywood and Bollywood by Ajay Amrit at the Holiday Inn, Suva this morning (January 12th, 2023).
In his address, Prime Minister Rabuka congratulated Mr Amrit on the success of his book and highlighted the dedication behind its compilation. The Head of Government also encouraged those who were present to pass on knowledge and wisdom to the next generation as there is a need for more writers in the country.
“Ajay knows that what he has written into this book are true because he has spoken to the subjects of the book – and these are well known people. Some of us have never met them, but we are going to see them, meet them and know of them as we read Ajay’s book,” PM Rabuka said.
The author of Sports, Hollywood and Bollywood, Mr Amrit shared that spending 15 years in traveling and exploring the world, and interviewing some of the most influential people on earth had enhanced his passion for reading and writing. This had given him the determination and opportunity to write this book.
“What also helped was my determination to understand how the whole media business worked – from revenue streams to popular content, to being in front of the camera and the mechanics and costings of being behind the camera. To balance and understand what business models made sense, and to compliment this with compelling content for a media organisation,” he said.
Mr Amrit attributed the success of his book to the power of prayer and determination.
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