Changes for the betterment: Mr. Nath

“The Government has brought a significant number of changes for the betterment of the Fijian people”.

Those were the sentiments echoed by Information Officer at SFCCO Mr. Aman Nath during the week long public relations consultations awareness in Sigatoka from May 26th to 31st.

“The overarching aim of this Government is to build a better Fiji for all. Therefore, the Government, as part of its commitment was instrumental in fulfilling the objectives of the 2013 Constitution such as the socio-economic rights, its entrenched preamble guaranteeing protection of our culture and heritage and national identity and proclamation of a secular state”, said Mr. Nath.

The public relations consultations were conducted in the peri-urban and rural communities of Sigatoka whereby the Government’s intent were disseminated to the grassroots communities. Copies of the constitution booklets were also distributed in the respective communities.

District Advisory Councilor for Kavanagasau, Nabitu and Nadrala and retired School Principal Mr. Satya Nand said the consultations awareness empowers people especially in the rural areas to gain hindsight of the developments taking shape in our country.

“The positive changes put in place by the Government in the education sector, the sugar and agriculture industry and socio-economic development have begun to reap its fruits. It also gives an opportunity for people to take ownership of these changes,” said Mr. Nand.

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