The People’s Coalition Government celebrated its one-year anniversary with a special Christmas Eve church service at Suva’s Centenary Church this afternoon.
Elected on the floor of the Fiji Parliament on the eve of Christmas in 2022 by the power of one vote, the government, led by Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka, took the opportunity to reflect on a year of great achievements and service to the nation.
The church service was a moment of reflection and gratitude, with cabinet ministers, government officials, community leaders, and members of the public coming together to offer thanksgiving for the government’s one year anniversary.
The service also demonstrated the government’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and shared purpose.
Speaking on behalf of the government, Prime Minister Rabuka conveyed his gratitude to the Fijian people for their support and highlighted the importance of unity in overcoming challenges.
“I am here to give our collective voice of thanks to the people of Fiji and everyone for their contribution towards the successful achievements of the coalition government’s work throughout this one year,” he said.
“I would like to acknowledge the three Deputy Prime Ministers for their leadership and their contribution and I also congratulate my team in government as well as the Opposition bench for being good quality controllers of this nation. We acknowledge and accept their roles.”
“I also thank all sectors of our society, religious groups, NGOs, and faith-based organisations, to name just a few for all they have done in shaping our nation.”
At the outset, PM Rabuka reaffirmed the government’s commitment to building a stronger and prosperous Fiji.
As the Coalition Government enters its second year in office, Prime Minister Rabuka reasserted the government’s focus on addressing the needs of the Fijian people and improving their livelihoods.
“In this coming year, let us continue to work together, support each other and help one another for a better Fiji.”
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