The Coalition Government is supportive of an energy transition, particularly reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and increasing renewable energy usage, including commitments to increase green energy sources.
Assistant Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Hon.Sakiusa Tubuna made the remarks at the 2nd Pacific Ministerial Dialogue on Pathways for the Global Just Transition Away from Fossil Fuels.
“Fiji has ambitious climate targets and is investing in a renewable energy future. Fiji’s updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) 2020 commits to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050,” Hon Tubuna said.
“Supporting initiatives like the Fossil Fuel Treaty, Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance and the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion on Climate Change and Human Rights is a reflection of Fiji and the Pacific’s leadership on the issue of climate change.
“We are responsible for negligible amounts of global emissions and yet are facing the brunt of climate impacts and are working to address the crisis for future generations. If we can do it, then all other nations should be able to do it. There needs to be an intentional and significant investment in just transition.”
Hon.Tubuna informed the Meeting that during the Pacific Islands Leaders Special Retreat in February this year, Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka held a number of bilateral meetings with various Pacific leaders, and reiterated Fiji’s commitment to work in solidarity in the region to address common challenges and build a sustainable future for all in the Pacific.
“The PIF communique focused on the 2050 Blue Pacific Strategy which emphasizes preserving, protecting and securing the ocean and climate. As custodians and stewards we must ensure that our people can continue to benefit from our resources through sustainable development.
“Despite limited resources available, the Government has placed priority to resettle communities and build capacities for rehabilitation.”
Hon.Tubuna sad the Prime Minister had reflected on the growing geo-political challenges, food security, ocean health and security, and the existential threats of climate change and pandemics will require a greater degree of collaboration and assistance.
“Climate resilience is not new or a purely modern concept.”
Hon.Tubuna explained that during the recent Our Ocean conference in Panama, Prime Minister Rabuka had emphasized that the Blue Pacific is united and ready to play our part, to help Planet Earth and ensure our collective survival.
“He called for solutions that are relevant and applicable to the interests of all. The Prime Minister had stated that Fiji is working on establishing carbon neutral energy sources, although at a slow pace. This is a show of leadership despite the challenges we face, and we will not give up.”
Hon.Tubuna pointed out that Fiji had announced joining the Green Shipping Challenge, an initiative that catalyses actions from countries and non-state actors to advance the transition to a 1.5 aligned shipping sector.
The Ministerial Dialogue is being hosted by the Governments of Vanuatu and Tuvalu from 15-17 March in Port Vila.
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