The Prime Minister, Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka yesterday has reassured the people of Naitasiri that the coalition government stands ready to hear their pleas and to serve them.
Speaking in Nabukunivatu Village in the Tikina of Muaira in Naitasiri yesterday (1/01/23) the Prime Minister reiterated the government strategic priority areas and urged the villagers to have faith in the coalition government in improving rural infrastructure, especially with the crippling impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia and Ukranian War.
During the talanoa session, villagers from Sawanikula, Korovou, Narokorokoyawa, Lutu, Mateinasau and Naivucini highlighted concerns of road, health and water supply.
The Prime Minister voiced hope, that, by joint efforts of government and other stakeholders, they will manage to build modern access roads and improve infrastructure in the province of Naitasiri. He urged civil servants to work collaboratively with the Commissioner Central’s office through the Provincial Administrator Naitasiri to meet the appeals of the people.
Prime Minister Rabuka acknowledged and encouraged civil servants serving in the Naitasiri province by saying “Be free and express yourselves freely. We are here to Listen! If we cannot hear you, we cannot make the right decisions.”
The Prime Minister also highlighted that government projects committed and undertaken in the 2022-2023 budget year will continue until the end of the financial year which is July 2023.
Naivucini Village elder, Mr. Peceli Rinakama echoed the vanua’s appreciation to the Prime Minister and pledged their support to the coalition government.
Mr. Rinakama also took the opportunity to thank the Prime Minister for his visionary leadership for the timely assistance of the “Back to School” support scheme stating that it has certainly boosted parent’s and student’s morales especially for those living in the rural outskirts.
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