We must cultivate an innovative culture of excellence for the future.

Those were the comments made by the Director Monitoring & Evaluation Unit (MEU) of the Strategic Framework for Change Coordinating Office (SFCCO) – Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Mrs. Amelia Komaisavai, at the Government Wage Earners (GWE) Workshop at Nadave, Tailevu on Tuesday, July 9th 2013.

“Our work plan and processes must link with the values, mission and vision of the organisation. Thus, it involves everyone and not only the senior management. We must therefore embark on the operationalisation of the organisation’s values, mission and vision” said Mrs. Komaisavai.

According to Mrs. Komaisavai, the Service Excellence Awards (SEA) framework is a holistic deployment of approach of everything in the department or organisation. She added that the SEA productivity program is earmarked to improve our service delivery holistically which pertains to good, timely and active approach.

The Director MEU challenged the GWEs’ to link the OPM’s vision, mission and values to their everyday work processes and she attributed the strength of the OPM to its “strong leadership’ over the years.

“It is our responsibility as leaders to communicate and disseminate the information right down the hierarchy,” said Mrs. Komaisavai.

In closing the OPM GWEs’ Workshop, the Director for Development Cooperation & Facilitation Division, Mr. Salimoni Karusi, highlighted the importance of unity to work together as one team in order to make things happen consistently.

“For the good of the organization, we must maintain a right behavior and attitude. In order to improve our internal and external processes, we must re-energise our roles and responsibilities. After all, the expectations of the OPM are a solemn reminder to continuously aspire for improvement in order to better our performance,” said Mr. Karusi.

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