18 October, Canberra – A key value of our Vuvale Partnership is the support for democracy, effective governance and the rule of law.
Prime Minister Rabuka made these remarks while meeting Australia’s Leader of Opposition Hon. Peter Dutton at Parliament House today.
He conveyed Fiji’s gratitude to Australia, its current and past Governments, for their continued support to conducting free and fair elections in Fiji.
Reflecting on his own experience, previously as Leader of Opposition and now as Leader of Government, PM Rabuka said it was defining moment for him when he was voted on the floor of Parliament by the power of one vote – a first in the history of Fiji.
He highlighted that our democracy is not perfect, however, it remains the preferred form of governance for Fiji.
Hon. Rabuka further stated that the Coalition Government is committed to upholding the dignity of all Fijians, and will protect our democracy and its values.
Prime Minister Rabuka acknowledged Australia’s Opposition bench as it was under the leadership of former Prime Minister Scott Morrison, that the Vuvale Partnership was signed in 2019.
The partnership demonstrates our strong relations which has translated into our collaborative efforts towards maintaining regional solidarity, a testament of our close vuvale links.
On Inter-Parliamentary dialogue, the Head of the Coalition Government thanked Australia for engaging with Members of Parliament from Fiji, describing it as a positive development in our efforts to foster a spirit of cooperation amongst our Parliamentarians.
In this regard, he said Fiji is committed to working collaboratively with Pacific countries to strengthen gender equality, champion women’s empowerment and social inclusion across the region in all spheres, particularly the issue of women in leadership.
Hon. Dutton extended Australia’s appreciation to the Prime Minister and his delegation for their visit.
He reiterated that Australia will continue to deepen cooperation and advance shared aspiration across all sectors with Fiji.
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