Donor Funded Projects

Development Cooperation and Facilitation Division (DCFD) coordinates and facilitates bilateral agreement committed by the Hon. Prime Minister covering economic, education, and other related areas.

Currently, there are 19 projects under DFP from the Taiwanese Government, Indian Government and Chinese Government: 11 on going; 6 awaiting Chinese Government funding consideration and 2 completed awaiting commissioning.

DCFD provides logistics support such as obtaining entry and work permits for contracted personnel engaged at the various project sites, facilitate customs clearance and landing formalities through the payment of the Value Added Tax (VAT) on consignments of goods imported into the country for the exclusive use on donor-aided projects and other miscellaneous issues such as processing local purchase VAT refunds, obtaining duty concession etc.

The timely facilitation of logistic support is crucial for the timely implementation of all China/Taiwan/India -aided projects and this is achieved through effective networking with our various external partners and agencies who are the final providers of the required services. A quick turnaround time is the bottom line for logistical support. DCFD is committed to ensure the necessary facilitation is provided in the shortest possible time.

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