The Coalition Government will extend the retirement age from 60 to 62 years for specialised expert positions requiring scarce skills across the Civil Service.
Prime Minister and Minister for Civil Service Honorable Sitiveni Rabuka said this is a strategic approach to retain expertise and address skill shortages within the Civil Service.
“Extending the retirement age for specialized officers and positions requiring scarce skills is essential to meet the economic priorities and developmental objectives of the Civil Service,” said PM Rabuka.
Under the new policy, positions categorized as having “scarce skills” will be eligible for an extended retirement age.
This determination will be based on clear guidelines and criteria developed by the Ministry of Civil Service, which will be circulated to all government ministries for implementation.
Potential positions that might be considered as having scarce skills are:
• Specialised Physicians and Surgeons,
• Nurses,
• Public Health Experts,
• Cybersecurity Experts,
• Software Developers and Engineers,
• Data Scientists and Analysts,
• Civil Engineers,
• Environmental Engineers,
• Electrical Engineers,
• STEM Teachers,
• Special Education Teachers,
• Urban Planners and Policy Experts,
• Wildlife Biologists and Conservationists, and;
• Forestry Management Professionals.
Extensions beyond 62 years will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with recommendations submitted by respective line ministries.
The Government is committed to ensuring a smooth transition and effective implementation of this policy change.
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