Bureta, Ovalau (17/01/24) — The Tovolea Rugby Club in the District of Bureta, Ovalau was the recipient of $17,000 worth of a set of new gym equipment made possible with assistance from the Office of the Prime Minister.
Comprising youth from Naiviteitei, Tai, Nasaga, Navuloa, and Waidau, the Tovolea Rugby Club, competes in the Ovalau rugby competition which is played at Nasau Park in Levuka.
Handing over the assistance, Assistant Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Hon. Sakiusa Tubuna said the gym equipment was also to promote physical well-being and provide an alternative to illegal activities not only for the youth but the community at large.
Hon. Tubuna commended the club’s progress and emphasised the positive impact of sports in diverting youth energy toward becoming law-abiding citizens.
In his address, Hon. Tubuna acknowledged the shift in recent years where individuals have become more sedentary, opting for online games and social media over physical activities.
“Government is dedicated to supporting communities that actively contribute to the well-being of their members and the equipment you receive today should also encourage the Bureta community to be more active physically,” said Hon Tubuna.
“The initiative aligns with the government’s commitment to building a healthier Fiji and addressing the challenges in the healthcare system.”
Assistant Minister Tubuna also highlighted the importance of encouraging people to engage in healthier lifestyles to combat non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and reduce the burden on hospitals.
Hon Tubuna said that, alongside the gym equipment, club members should continue prioritising farming as a beneficial form of exercise.
“Ensuring food security is a major priority in all our communities. I urge the youth of Bureta to use farming to complement their physical training and ensure food security for their families,” he said.
Ovalau, historically known for producing sports talent, has seen notable figures like Motikai Murray, Taniela Rainibogi, and Eileen Cikamatana, who have excelled in various sports, including rugby and weightlifting. Hon. Tubuna also highlighted the rugby club’s potential to groom future athletes and contribute to Fiji’s sports legacy.
The Tovolea Rugby Club’s gym initiative aims to instill rugby values such as Discipline, Respect, Integrity, Passion, and Solidarity in the youth, fostering holistic development.
Hon. Tubuna encouraged the club members to make the most of the equipment, learn proper usage, and strive for fitness, progress, and elevated standards.
Tovolea Rugby Club Manager Serupepeli Lagitukana said the club is grateful and the gym equipment will further enhance the team’s progress.
“With the gym now available, the Tovolea Rugby Club is well-equipped for the 2024 season,” he said.
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