Vanua o Yavahuna i Valelevu, Nakuruvakarua na Nodra iTikotiko na Turaga na Ka Levu na Tui Nadroga;

Na Vanua i Vunawi Vua na Turaga na i Taukei Vunawi;
Na Vanua oi Ketenavunivalu Vua na Kena i Taukei;
Management and Staff of Fiji Roads Authority;
Government Officials;
Ladies and Gentlemen.

Yadra vinaka, and a very good morning.

Just yesterday, I was in Nadi, opening the bustling new Namaka Market.
From the smiling faces of the market vendors and community members, I knew that it would be more than a building –– it would be a project that transformed the quality of life of hundreds of Fijians and their families.

Today, I join you all in Emuri to officially commission yet another impressive milestone for Fiji – and again, I know that to those of you who join me today, this project is much more than meets the eye. At a Government investment of 1.73 Million Dollars, the Emuri Crossing is about uplifting lives, and allowing you to tap into your full potential.

Before we built this crossing, the families who lived in the rural communities now live very different lives – lives that were unpredictable, and all too often, unsafe.

A strong storm would bring floodwaters rushing through, which sometimes took weeks to recede – leaving you stranded and unable to access essential services and loved ones on the other side without risking a dangerous journey across the rapids.

But my friends, those days are over for Emuri. You can now sleep easy, knowing that – even in heavy rainfall – your children can now cross safely to school, your livestock and produce can make it to market, and you can access healthcare if you get sick.

And with that heightened sense of predictability will come heightened productivity for the hardworking women and men of your communities. From drivers in cars to passengers in buses, from cane farmers to market vendors, and everyone in between, you will no longer be excluded from the hive of economic activity that is being enjoyed all throughout Fiji.
My Government’s work is driven by this spirit of inclusivity, and I am proud to officially bring you all into the fold of Fijian progress.

My friends, I want you to take full advantage of this opportunity. By doing so, this 30-metre crossing can be more than a bridge to the other side of the river –it can be a bridge to a new future for yourselves, your families, and your communities. Let today inspire people to engage in our economy like never before, and let this crossing mark a new beginning for the most fulfilling and prosperous chapter of your lives.

With that, it is now my pleasure to officially commission the Emuri Crossing.

Vinaka vakalevu. Thank you, and God bless.

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