The Assistant Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Hon. Sakiusa Tubuna, officiated at the Prefects Investiture ceremony at Nakasi High School yesterday, calling on the new student leaders to embody resilience and independence in their roles.
During his address, Hon. Tubuna lauded the school for its outstanding academic achievements, with a stellar performance of above 90% in both Year 12 and Year 13 external examinations in 2023.
Speaking to the newly appointed school leaders for 2024, Hon. Tubuna emphasized the significance of their roles, highlighting that their selection was based on the recognition of their in-built potential by their teachers.
“Today marks a pivotal moment in your journey as student leaders. You have been entrusted with a great responsibility, and it is essential to cultivate independence and resilience in your leadership approach,” stated Hon. Tubuna.
“Know that you are not here by chance, you were not chosen just for the sake of it; your teachers have seen something in you and that is why they know that you have the God given potential to flourish in this field of leadership”.
“I want to remind you that this day is pre-ordained; your investiture is pre-blessed as many are called, yet few are chosen.”
“I urge you all to learn to be independent and resilient leaders; Fiji needs a new breed of self-directed individuals who are not reliant on outside factors to motivate them and push them to do what should be done.
“For far too long Fijians have been spoon-fed and spoilt with the culture of handouts; I ask you to take things to the next level and move away from that kind of mentality.
“You need to focus on your ability to be productive individuals and how you can take ownership of your role as student leaders,” Hon Tubuna added.
Newly appointed Head Girl, Esther Kuva, and Head Boy, Pita Vosavakadua, attributed their achievements to family support and dedication.
Esther Kuva, from Serua, credited her success to her faith in God and the unwavering support of her siblings and late mother. Head Boy, Pita Vosavakadua, a proud son of Lau, expressed gratitude to his hardworking parents and aspires to reciprocate their efforts through his future endeavors.
The investiture ceremony at Nakasi High School marked a symbolic transition of leadership roles but also served as a profound call to action for the student leaders to embrace resilience, independence, and a proactive approach in their leadership journey.
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