ICO Meets with DFAT

Deputy Secretary for the Implemen-tation Coordinating Office (ICO) Mr Edward Tunidau met with senior officials of the Department of For-eign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) on February 17th at the ICO Walu Bay Office.

The meeting was held in regards to the Civil Society Organisa-tions’ (CSOs’) who are funded via the Coffee International to carry out work in the communities.

The Coffee International provides funding for projects or programs on poverty alleviation and capacity building. They target vulnerable communities in the field of health, water and sanitation, education support, child protection and Non-communicable diseases (NCDs).


Coffee International collaborates with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) such as Empower Pacific to carry out capacity building via the Community Assistance Pro-grammes (CAP).

Under the CAP, the CSOs’ have so far visited 28 communities, particu-larly in the Western and Northern Divisions, and held consultations to identify the needs of these commu-nities.

Out of those communities visited, 16 identified water as their funda-mental need, followed by solar (rural electrification) and income generating projects.

Mr. Tunidau imparted ideas to the senior DFAT officials on how some Ministries are complementing the work they are doing and encour-aged them to work with Govern-ment on these projects in order to avoid duplication.

He advised the senior DFAT offi-cials to liaise with the four (4) Divi-sional Commissioners on the ac-cessibility of these projects on the ground.

The Deputy Secretary commended the work of DFAT; their initiatives on project management and admin-istering projects on the ground.

Mr. Tunidau also informed the senior officials of DFAT that liaison with CSOs’ is one of ICO’s Key Performance Indicators.
“Sustaining Change through Excellence


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