Kioa Development Fund

The Kioa Island Development Fund was established in 1999 through Cabinet Decision No. 330 of 1998 with a provision of $20,000.

It was allocated for development projects to improve living standards of the 800-member Kioa Island Community and encourage self-reliance and sustainable development.

This fund was increased to $50,000 in 2009 on request from Kioa Island Council.  The increase has also paved way for the provision of $15,000 as the Council’s operational grant and $35,000 for development projects.

The people of Kioa are administered by Kioa Island Council and they are governed directly by the laws of Fiji.

Criteria for Assistance on Development Project:

  • Project must be community-based;
  • Beneficiaries must be members of the Kioa Community residing on Kioa Island.

Priority is given to the following projects:

  • Income-generating projects;
  • Water;
  • Education;
  • Housing (chainsaw etc); and
  • Women & Youth development.
  • The Kioa Island Council is responsible for the submission of development projects that should benefit members of the community;
  • Submissions should be supported/endorsed by the Provincial Administrator Cakaudrove or Commissioner Northern Division.

Information and Documents Required:

  • Housing (chainsaw etc); and
  • Women & Youth development
  • Letter of request from Kioa Island Council;

Project paper:

  • Three competitive quotations from different vendors; and
  • Other important information that are relevant to the project.
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