Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka this morning urged members of the legal fraternity to “stand up for the rule of law” and also consider improving rules that govern legal practice to facilitate their roles in combating injustice.
Whilst delivering his official remarks at the opening of the two-day AG’s Conference at Nadi’s Sheraton Resort, Hon. Rabuka said being a lawyer is not just about understanding and advising on the law, but about actively participating in its evolution to protect our communities, societal values, and environment.
The 25th AG’s conference brought together 400-plus legal professionals and policy makers throughout Fiji for conversations on legal reforms and also to further enhance their knowledge and skills about their work.
Prime Minister Rabuka said lawyers have a professional responsibility and an obligation to be agents of change in society.
“This AG’s Conference is a time to reflect on the evolution of the legal profession and your pivotal role in our democracy and our development as a nation,” he told the participants.
While acknowledging the important role of legal professionals, PM Rabuka highlighted that lawyers have a unique opportunity to extend their reach beyond borders, forging connections and exploring legal opportunities.
“Beyond the commercial relationships and legal opportunities, your responsibility as legal practitioners extend to the protection of individuals.”
While bringing to light the conversation about climate injustice, the Prime Minister delved into his recent trip to the COP28 in Dubai, adding lawyers play a crucial role in protecting our homes and our environment.
As rising sea levels threaten small island developing states like Fiji, he encouraged the legal fraternity to ensure that their roles adapt to navigate the legal implications of these issues that impact us all.
“As legal professionals, take courage in your work and do it well and I congratulate you all for your contributions to Fiji’s legal system.”
Meanwhile, key deliberations during the conference will focus on improving contract laws, intellectual property laws, and laws on sexual offences and violence, among other important issues.
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