Melanesian/Vasu I Taukei Development Fund


The Melanesian-Vasu-i-Taukei (MVT) development fund was created through Cabinet Decision No. 330 of 1998 with an initial allocation of $100,000.  The 2011 Budget allocation is $114,000


The overall intent of MVT development fund is to enhance and empower the       communities’ capacity to become self-reliant and independent in order to raise       their living standards.

The fund is meant for members of the Melanesian (descendants of people from    Solomon Island, Vanuatu & PNG), Part European and other minority communities     excluding, Rotumans, Banabans and Kioa Islanders.

Criteria for Assistance

  • Projects must be community based;
  • Beneficiaries must be of MVT origin and that include the Melanesian, Community, Part European, Chinese, Tongans, Samoans and other minorities who are citizen of this country.
  • Priority is given to the following projects:
    • Water
    • Education
    • Housing (chainsaw); and
    • Women & Youth Development
  • Maximum of $10,000 funding is encouraged per project, but consideration could be given to projects up to $20,000 but with proper justification and availability of funds.

Information and Documents Required

Projects must be community based;

  • Letter of request from the community
  • Project paper
  • Support letter from District Officer/Provincial Administrator
  • Endorsement from Divisional Commissioner
  • Three competitive quotations from different vendors
  • Other important information that are relevant to the project

All submissions/requests to be addressed to:

 Permanent Secretary

 Prime Minister’s Office

 Government Buildings

 P O Box 2353


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