The Fiji showcase was held from the 4th to the 12th of July at the Vodafone Arena in Suva. The Office of the Prime Minister was part of the event to disseminate information regarding Government’s intent, respond to questions pertaining to government activities and to receive complaints/grievances for referrals to line Ministries.

The booth was fairly empty on the first day of the event but the public realised during the week that the OPM booth was part of the Showcase therefore a lot of people started coming in with their issues and queries. The showcase team was able to distribute more than a thousand copies of 2013 Fiji Constitution and the Peoples Charter for Change, Peace and Progress booklets. The team noted that a lot of USP students were interested in obtaining copies of the 2013 Constitution and were of the view that it should be widely disseminated to ensure everyone knows their rights stipulated within.

Notably, there were a lot of people from the rural areas that were there to ask for Government assistance which are provided by the provincial offices around the country. Therefore, there is a need for close coordination and awareness conducted by Ministries/Departments in Divisions on the services they provide.

Salome and Suliano manning the OPM booth at the Showcase

Salome and Suliano manning the OPM booth at the Showcase

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