The significant role of i-Taukei leadership in provincial governance to help foster greater inclusiveness that encourages dialogue, promotes unity and respect for diverse perspectives was highlighted at the Lau Provincial Council meeting that was held in Suva yesterday.
The Prime Minister made the remarks whilst delivering his official address at the opening the Lau Provincial Council meeting.
He urged support for the upcoming budget announcement, emphasizing that it would reflect government’s unwavering commitment to the welfare of our people and strengthening multilateral relationships among foreign nations.
The Prime Minister also highlighted government’s commitment to empowering the province.
He encouraged those in attendance to always consider the sustainable use of their natural resources and the preservation of their pristine marine and coastal areas.
He commended the province’s contribution in the Lau Seascape initiative and their commitment to marine conservation by declaring 8.26 percent of their ocean a marine protected area.
Furthermore, the Head of Government also expressed his sincere appreciation to the people of Lau for the support shown to civil servants serving in their province and reaffirmed the government’s continuous support and progressive development in the province.
Prime Minister Rabuka also conveyed his gratitude to the Lau Province for their contributions and highlighted the significance of their involvement in shaping Fiji’s future.
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