Members of Parliament (MPs) will step into a refurbished Chamber on the opening of the 2024 Parliament session next Monday following the launch of the Parliament IT Conferencing System and Refurbishment Project.
The $4.4 million project was commissioned by the Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka at the august House today.
PM Rabuka extended his gratitude to the Parliament secretariat and all parties involved in the successful completion of the project.
He highlighted the collaborative effort that made this state-of-the-art project possible and expressed confidence that the upgraded facilities would contribute to a more efficient and transparent parliamentary system.
As Parliament opens its doors next Monday, MPs will have the privilege of utilising the newly-installed conferencing system during Parliamentary sessions.
Secretary-General to Parliament Mrs Jeanette Emberson said the upgraded system, “takes us further into our goal of a more open, transparent and inclusive Parliament”.
“This would not have been possible without the support of the Government of the day. On behalf of the Honourable Speaker, we thank you most sincerely for the funding approval and recognising the institution as part of the democratic process.”
“There is a continuing need for the transformation of our Parliament and to ensure that it remains relevant to the many challenges that the Fijian people face and the hope that they have invested in their elected representatives.”
Mrs Emberson added that the upgrade also means that the Fijian people will continue to access the Parliamentary sittings and Standing Committee proceedings.
“This will improve, strengthen and heighten the representative, legislative, oversight and scrutiny functions of the elected representatives of the people,” she further remarked.
“It will also allow for better accountability and transparency, which ultimately, will enhance efforts to advance the Parliament’s stride towards SDG 16 particularly on promoting peace, justice, and strong institutions as a key enabler of the entire SDG framework.”
The deployment of the project was 5-fold and consisted of the following targets:
➡️Procurement of a new conferencing system;
➡️Refurbishment of the Parliament Chambers;
➡️Procurement of the Uninterrupted Power Supply equipment;
➡️Upgrading of the Audio-Visual Distribution System from Analog to Digital; and;
➡️The Multi-language Translations and Captioning
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