Twenty years have passed since the people of Tikina Nagonenicolo in the province of Naitasiri last united for a cause related to their tikina.
On December 16th, they gathered once again at Nakorosule District School to launch a fundraising drive for a scholarship fund benefiting Tikina Nagonenicolo’s students.
This significant event brought together the sons and daughters of the Tikina from all over the country to collaborate on this valuable initiative.
They all agreed that the occasion was important enough to warrant the presence of the Prime Minister as the Chief Guest for the launch.
Honored to officiate at the event, Prime Minister Honorable Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka shared his thoughts, deviating from his prepared speech to personally address those present.
“I am honored to be here before you today on this auspicious occasion—the launch of the Tikina Nagonenicolo Scholarship Fund,” said the PM.
“This event marks a significant milestone for the ten tribes within Tikina Nagonenicolo, bringing you together after two decades in a shared commitment to education and community development.”
“In addressing you today, I want to emphasize the importance of cooperativeness and the fundamental value of our relationships.
As we strive for educational advancement, let us not forget the significance of our traditional ties, our unwavering commitment to the Vanua, and our collaboration with the Government,” said Prime Minister Rabuka.
The PM stated that being a good citizen entails not only pursuing education but also shouldering the responsibility that comes with it and encouraged parents to raise their children with the understanding that they are champions in their own right.
“In our pursuit of progress, God must continue to lead our families, clans, and tikina,” adds the Prime Minister.
“I express my gratitude for all your presence here, and I acknowledge the vital role that the Government plays in the development of your province. While the government’s efforts are ongoing, the support from all stakeholders, as demonstrated by the launch of this scholarship fund, is invaluable,” said the PM.
The Prime Minister also took time to commend esteemed individuals who have been instrumental in the progress of our nation.
The Prime Minister highlighted the significant contribution of the late Professor Asesela Ravuvu towards improving Fijian education. Professor Ravuvu hailed from the Tikina Nagonenicolo.
“As a gesture of support towards this worthy cause, I am pleased to announce a personal donation of 10,000 Fijian dollars towards the Tikina Nagonenicolo Scholarship Fund. This fund is a testament to the Tikina’s collective commitment to nurturing the educational aspirations of your youth.”
“Let us continue to work together for the betterment of our communities. The Office of the Prime Minister will complement the efforts made here today, and I am confident that this scholarship fund will catalyze positive change in the lives of the youth within Tikina Nagonenicolo,” concluded Prime Minister Rabuka.
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