In a significant diplomatic engagement, Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka met with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in Dubai earlier today.
The bilateral meeting aimed to foster cooperation and collaboration on key global issues.
Prime Minister Rabuka and Mr. Blair deliberated on pressing global challenges, discussing the importance of international cooperation in addressing issues such as climate change, economic resilience, and sustainable development.
The leaders explored avenues for enhanced bilateral cooperation between Fiji and the United Kingdom.
Discussions touched on potential collaborations in areas such as trade, technology, and shared global challenges.
Given the urgency of climate action, Prime Minister Rabuka and Mr. Blair discussed strategies to strengthen joint efforts in addressing climate-related challenges.
The leaders acknowledged the need for global solidarity in mitigating the impacts of climate change.
Prime Minister Rabuka shared Fiji’s vision for the Blue Pacific, outlining regional priorities and the commitment to sustainable ocean management.
The leaders explored opportunities for the United Kingdom to contribute to the realisation of this vision.
Prime Minister Rabuka thanked Mr. Blair for his insights and affirmed Fiji’s commitment to working collaboratively with the United Kingdom on shared global objectives.
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