Erenavula na Momo Levu na Tui Sabeto;
Navatulevu na Momo na Tui Nadi;
Nalagi na Momo na Tui Nawaka;
Delaniyavu i Sawaieke na Marama na Taukei Naua;
Members of the Board of Directors,

Management & Staff of Fiji Airports Limited;

Distinguished Guests, and Ladies and

Ni sa Bula Vina’a, and a very Good Morning, to you all.

I am delighted to join you this evening on the occasion of the 25 th Anniversary or ‘Silver Jubilee’ of Fiji Airports Limited. This quarter century for Fiji Airports Limited, or Airports Fiji Limited as it was first christened by the SVT Coalition Government I
led in 1999, is a significant milestone deserving of celebration.

The People’s Coalition Government is committed to continuing public sector reforms initiated in the 1990s by the SVT Coalition
Government. At that time, the whole world was undergoing change, with functions previously carried out by Government being corporatized to maximise efficiency and returns on investment.

Public sector reforms were continued by the SDL Government, and the Bainimarama/Fiji First Administration as well. These reforms will continue with enhanced structural adjustment for fair competition and efficiency gains in all economic processes at
all levels.

As I said in Parliament last month, each Government has the responsibility to build on the achievements of previous administrations. Today’s celebration is an opportunity to reflect on Fiji Airports’ journey, acknowledge
achievements, and express gratitude to those who have contributed to the success of the organization.

Fiji Airports is key to realising our vision to be a vital player in aviation in the region. The growth and success of Fiji Airports has
been at the heart of Fiji’s rise as an aviation leader and tourism hub and key to our recovery in the wake of the pandemic four
years ago.

You remain key to our collective goal of rebuilding our beloved Fiji. It was 25 years ago that Fiji Airports was
formed to:

(i) oversee our air space and airport operations efforts;

(ii) ensure our leadership in the aviation industry;

(iii) enhance cooperation with industry partners and stakeholders, and

(iv) provide necessary economic and social support in terms of employment at Nadi
International Airport, Nausori and the 13 outer station airports.

To the Fiji Airports Family, you have grown from facilitating 500,000 passengers in 1999 to over 2 million passengers a year. Well, done to the men and women of Fiji Airports!

Your accomplishments in this quarter-century have served your country and the industry well.

Today, the nation reaps manifold returns from our investment in Fiji Airports.

You are also one of our best performing Public Enterprises. Let me add, when the figures are put together, the nation has reaped more than our money’s worth. Being a leader in aviation always comes with responsibility, but even more so when faced with adversity, your achievements will propel you forward in the future.

At this juncture, please allow me to pay tribute to those who oversaw the reform of CAAFI into Fiji Airports Limited, Air Terminal Services Limited and CAAF today and thereafter steered Fiji Airports to greater heights.

Names like the late Jone Koroitamana, Isimeli Bose, Sakiusa Tuisolia and Faiz Ali come to mind, and countless men and women
who sat on successive boards, at the helm of Fiji Airports over the years.

Traditional custodians

Tonight, I would also like to acknowledge the
traditional landowners of the land that host our
15 airports:

 Nadi International Airport,
 Nausori International Airport and the outer stations –

 Labasa,
 Savusavu,
 Taveuni,
 Kadavu,
 Bureta,

 Rotuma,
 Koro,
 Gau,
 Vanuabalavu,
 Cicia,
 Lakeba,
 Moala, and
 Ono-i-Lau.

Vinaka vakalevu to you all, some of whom are represented this evening, and I pray God’s. Blessings on you and your future generations for giving your land to Government for our airports. Your foresight and generosity enables dividends from Fiji Airports to Government that helps in funding schools, infrastructure, and other public goods etc. The Nadi International Airport is now a hub of economic growth where more than 1000 people come to work every day to keep our airport operations running.

I also want to pay tribute to Fiji Airports effort to reduce carbon emissions and attain a net- zero status by 2050.

Your commitment to transition to a sustainable, low-carbon functioning airport is commendable. This is in line with the national energy policy, and the global aviation industry goal for net-zero by 2050.

I also congratulate you on the Level 3 Optimisation accreditation for Nadi Airport in recognition of your efforts to reduce CO2
emissions. This is the same level of optimization accreditation as Hong Kong International Airport, Incheon Airport and Narita
International Airport, to name just a few.

I also anticipate the upcoming solar farm project at Nadi International Airport and procurement of the first batch of Electronic
Vehicles (EVs). Well done Fiji Airports! While there will always be challenges along the way, the people and government of Fiji are confident that you will continue to accommodate passenger growth with investment in resilient infrastructure.

I wish to thank the Fiji Airports Board of Directors, Management and staff, both past and present, for your hard work and
commitment over the last quarter century.

YOU are our biggest competitive advantage, the core strength of the business and brand ambassadors at Fiji’s 15 airports. Your relentless focus on delivering safe, top-notch services, and customer-friendly initiatives, especially during the darkest days,
built trust and goodwill with travelers around the world.

Operating Fiji Airports is a team effort and I take this time to also acknowledge the airline partners, ground handlers, concessionaires, retailers, travel agents, tenants and contractors for the role they have played in the
development of our airports.

I also acknowledge the contributions of government agencies –

 Department of Immigration,
 Biosecurity Authority of Fiji,
 Fiji Police Force,
 Ministry of Health,
 Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation,
 Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
 CAAF, and
 Tourism Fiji

Vinaka vakalevu, you are all an integral part of Fiji Airports!

In conclusion, I wish to congratulate all the pioneer Fiji Airports staff who will be recognised this evening for being part of the
company since 12 April 1999. I look forward to Fiji Airport’s continued contributions to Fiji’s success as it works with
industry partners to reshape the future of travel and aviation and deliver a positive impact on people and communities around the

I wish you all, your Board of Directors, Management and staff a successful journey ahead!

Vinaka Vakalevu, Dhaanyabaad, & Thank you!

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