PNG Special Parliamentary Committee learn the Fijian monitoring model

The ICO was paid a visit by the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Sector Reform and Service Delivery. The Committee’s main objective was to seek out methods and best practices in the South Pacific on the implementation of Public Sector Reforms.

The ICO was quite fortunate that it was able to share with the Committeeon how the public sector reforms process was initiated and how it evolved over the years.

The Special Committee were also highlighted the linkages to the strategic source documents and the future intentions of Government in ensuring the smooth transition to Parliamentary Democracy.

The delegation was alsokeen in ascertaining as to how the Government implemented the reforms based on the monitoring processes as per the directive of the Prime Minister.

Mr. Tunidau enlightened the Special Committee that the results of the monitoring processes are briefed to the Prime Minister on a quarterly basis which assists him in making sound decisions. Fundamentally, it is the strong political will of the Prime Minister which has enabled the reform process to continue over the years.

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