Research, Policy & International Relations Division

The Policy Division (PD) facilitates thorough analysis on given policies, programs and key fundamental issues as directed by the Permanent Secretary and the Hon Prime Minister and provides recommendations and advice accordingly; the analysis examines factors that may have negative or positive impacts or bearings on Citizen Groups, local Communities, specific groups of societies or individuals and which they have brought to the OPM seeking the Hon PM’s assistance. The Division contributes to the formulation, implementation and monitoring of policies and programs on socio- economic and sustainable developments, socio-cultural contexts; good governance and other key areas of development at Ministry, National Private Sector and NGO level through representation and constructive participation in their respective consultation forums.
The Division provides analysis on Cabinet papers to the Hon. Prime Minister during the Cabinet meetings. The Division also facilitates the compilation of the Information Kit for the Hon Prime Minister for his Official Engagements Overseas.
PD staffing comprises of a Deputy Secretary who is the Manager Responsible and nine (9) professional staff comprising a Chief Economic Planning Officer, 2 Chief Assistant Secretaries, a Senior Economic Planning Officer, an Economic Planning Officers, with three support staff namely two (2) Secretaries and a Messenger.

Core Functions:

Provision of thoroughly researched, factual and evidence-based policy advice to the Permanent Secretary and Prime Minister;

  1. Independent analytical advice on Cabinet Papers from Line Ministries and Departments – harmonise recommendations with Government policies;
  2. Critical evaluation and scrutinizing of draft Cabinet Papers from Line Ministries – provide comments and recommendation on draft Papers.
  3. Effective coordination for the compilation of Information Kit for the Hon Prime Minister re overseas engagements;
  4. Effective oversight of Government’s national development (economic, social, governance and cultural) policies;
  5. Support, maintain, enhance and preserve the functions, dignity, integrity and trust in the Office of the Prime Minister with clients and stakeholders; and
  6. Provide valuable information briefs on national and international developments for the Hon Prime Minister;
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