Prime Minister lights up Cuvu strip

The 105 street lights lit by the Honourable Prime Minister on Thursday night (February 16th) has guaranteed safety, convenience and economic opportunities to the more than 4000 residents of Cuvu Backroad, in Nadroga.

The Cuvu Back Road $582,469.00 project has allowed small business owners (BBQ and sila sellers) to extend their hours of operation.

Areas now benefitting from this street lights project are Cuvu, Naevuevu, Tore, Sila, Rukurukulevu, Bouwa,  Newtown, Vidovi and Bangaledesh

Similar projects are underway for the Western Division Street Light programme extending from Korotogo bypass all the way to Nailaga village in Ba and Suva to Sigatoka.

“A well-lit road at night can mean the difference between life and death,” he said.

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