Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka met with the Ba business community yesterday, highlighting the importance of unity for Fiji’s progress and discussing the achievements of the Coalition government.
Recognizing the significance of the sugar industry to Fiji’s economy, Prime Minister Rabuka assured the Ba business community that the government is fully committed to modernizing and diversifying the industry.
He emphasized that the Ba Mill will continue to produce raw sugar and molasses, and highlighted the recent approval of the highest-ever cane price of $91.38 per tonne, providing a financial boost to farmers and motivating them to increase cane production.
In highlighting the Coalition’s governments achievements, the Prime Minister emphasized their commitment to democratic practices and highlighted the removal of laws that curtailed media freedom, allowing for open reporting and journalistic comment that are vital to a thriving democracy. He further highlighted the government’s policy of public consultation, ensuring that Fijians have a voice in shaping legislation and revitalizing the economy.
Prime Minister Rabuka further expressed pride in the positive changes the government has brought since taking office, including restoring freedom and democracy to the nation.
In his address, Prime Minister Rabuka acknowledged the diverse ethnic makeup of Fiji, stating that it is composed of the majority indigenous community, descendants of the Girmitiyas, as well as citizens of mixed heritage and various other ethnicities. He emphasized that while each group has its own customs, traditions, and languages, they all call Fiji home.
Prime Minister Rabuka called for unity, which stems from a greater sense of patriotism and love for the country. He encouraged Fijians in Ba to embrace their diverse backgrounds and create a national character based on understanding, respect, and shared goals. By working together and valuing patriotism, Fijians can overcome past challenges and build a prosperous and harmonious nation.
The Head of Government expressed his gratitude to the Ba business community for their contribution to Fiji’s economy and their commitment to progress. He reassured them of the government’s continued dedication to upholding democratic values, diversifying the economy, and fostering unity among all Fijians.
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