Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka engaged with community leaders in Lautoka today, emphasising the significant milestones achieved by the People’s Coalition Government since they took office in December last year.
Prime Minister Rabuka reiterated the importance of unity and called for a broader sense of patriotism to be ingrained in the national character.
Speaking to an audience of community leaders and local residents at the Girmit Centre, Prime Minister Rabuka highlighted the tangible achievements achieved so far.
He emphasised that the government has worked diligently to deliver on its promises, addressing key issues and implementing necessary reforms to propel Fiji towards progress and prosperity.
The Prime Minister emphasised the essential role of unity in advancing the nation’s goals and objectives.
He stressed that it is imperative to build on existing unity and broaden its reach, ensuring that patriotism becomes an integral part of the national identity.
“By promoting unity and fostering a sense of collective responsibility, Fiji can achieve greater heights and overcome challenges as one cohesive nation,” Prime Minister Rabuka said.
During his address, Prime Minister Rabuka outlined key achievements that include infrastructure development, the provision of healthcare services, education reforms, job creation initiatives, and the implementation of policies to address climate change and sustainable development.
The Prime Minister commended the dedication and hard work of community leaders in their respective roles and urged them to continue collaborating with the government to drive progress at the grassroots level.
He emphasised that the government values the perspectives and contributions of community leaders, recognising their vital role in shaping policies and programs that directly impact their communities.
Prime Minister Rabuka also reiterated the government’s commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that every Fijian has a voice.
He encouraged community leaders to actively engage with the government, providing valuable insights and feedback that will help shape policies and initiatives for the betterment of the nation.
The Prime Minister urged all Fiji citizens to unite under a shared vision of progress and prosperity calling for a collective effort to build a stronger, more resilient Fiji, where patriotism and unity are fundamental to the national character.
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