In a significant diplomatic encounter at the United Nations General Assembly, Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka met with the Secretary-General of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) H.E. Georges Rebelo Pinto Chikoti.
The meeting, which took place this morning, underscored the long-standing partnership between Fiji and the OACPS, focusing on various critical topics, including Fiji’s membership in the OACPS, the OACPS-EU (SAMOA) Agreement, and the positioning of the OACPS for future challenges.
Prime Minister Rabuka expressed his gratitude thanking he Secretary General for reaching out to meet, using opportunity to discuss important issues for Fiji and our engagement with the OACPS.
Fiji, a founding member of the ACP as a signatory to the 1975 Georgetown Agreement, has cherished its enduring partnership with the OACPS, which spans nearly five decades.
Prime Minister Rabuka emphasized Fiji’s commitment to shared history and aspirations with OACPS members, highlighting the positive impact of this relationship on Fiji’s development, including the growth of its sugar, agriculture, and fisheries industries, infrastructure development, and governance structures.
On the topic of the OACPS-EU (SAMOA) Agreement, Prime Minister Rabuka affirmed Fiji’s full commitment to its swift and effective implementation, emphasizing its role in promoting economic growth, sustainable development, and regional integration in the Pacific.
He also called for vigilance in safeguarding the interests and development aspirations of OACPS member states in light of global initiatives.
“As we confront a rapidly evolving global landscape, it is imperative that we position the OACPS to meet future challenges,” Prime Minister [Last Name] stated. “Our commitment to adaptability and forward-thinking is vital not only in addressing global shifts but also in ensuring the financial stability and sustainability of our organization.”
In response, Secretary-General Chikoti acknowledged the significance of Fiji’s role within the OACPS and expressed optimism about the continued collaboration between Fiji and the OACPS in addressing shared challenges.
Prime Minister Rabuka reiterated Fiji’s readiness to deepen its engagement within the OACPS and work closely with Secretary-General Chikoti, emphasizing the shared goals of unity, cooperation, and progress.
The meeting between Prime Minister Rabuka and Secretary-General Chikoti underscores the commitment of Fiji and the OACPS to strengthen their partnership and work together to address pressing global issues.
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