Prime Minister Rabuka Encourages Parliament Staff to Perform Duties Well

Prime Minister Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka today (January 10th, 2023) reminded the staff of the Parliament of the Republic of Fiji to “live up to the expectations of this land and its people when performing their legislative duties”.
The Prime Minister made these remarks following the traditional ceremony of welcome which was accorded to him by the Speaker, Honourable Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu and staff of the Legislative arm of the State.
“Be worthy of the trust people have in you. I will lead in confidence knowing that those of you, behind me, whether in Parliament, in Cabinet, in the civil service or the captains of industries in the private sector, will all work together for the betterment of this land and its people,” he said.
The Prime Minister further urged the parliamentary staff to familiarise themselves with the document on parliamentary procedures by Thomas Erskine May, the British constitutional theorist who authored the book; Clerk of the House of Commons.
“It is full of wisdom, it’s full of information, it’s full of historical data and teachings about the conduct of Parliament having their roots in the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It has been adopted and adapted by many, many countries in the world and urged all of you and all of us in Parliament to be familiar with that great document on the conduct of the affairs of the legislation of nations in the world.”
While quoting the British greatest officer in the history of the Royal Navy, Lord Nelson while on his death bed, Prime Minister Rabuka said when all this is done, “I will die a happy man. I’ve done my duty to my people and my country”.
In thanking the Parliament secretariat, the Head of the Coalition Government congratulated staff for conducting the election of the Prime Minister on the floor of the August House for the first time in history.
“Be steadfast, serve with diligence and don’t work in fear,” he added.
Meanwhile, the Prime Minister was also briefed by the Parliament executive management on the operations of the secretariat.
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