Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka today stressed the importance of working in partnership with the community for a more coordinated approach towards developments.
While speaking to civil servants and members of the community in Nabouwalu, Bua, he said the province has a lot of opportunities for development.
The meeting commenced with the Prime Minister being briefed about plans to develop Nabouwalu into a town.
As work on the first phase of development is well underway, PM Rabuka urged civil servants and other relevant stakeholders to work with the people they serve so that credible information and updates are rightly given to the community.
The first phase of development involves the area close to the wharf where the new market, bus station and police station will be built.
With a total land area of 5.135 hectares, the plan includes a centralised government location and a facelift to the present jetty.
Prime Minister Rabuka said that he has requested the planners and those executing the plan to be well-connected and also to communicate the plans to the people so they are well informed of the progress of the project.
Among other updates, the Prime Minister was also informed that plans are afoot to have a new wharf in Wairiki.
He said it is important for people to understand that the government is here to assist as “we are God’s voice to the people and the people’s voice to God through our service”.
Prime Minister Rabuka also took the opportunity to encourage the people of Bua to invest in commercial properties in order to generate more revenue for the province.
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