You have the power of one vote to decide what is right and to become successful in life.
This was the powerful message delivered by the Prime Minister Honourable Sitiveni Rabuka while visiting the students of Niusawa Methodist High School in Taveuni this morning.
Prime Minister Rabuka told the students that the decisions they make early in life are vitally important because it will shape their future.
“If you want to achieve God’s purpose for your life, then seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness all other things shall be given to you,” he said.
“I was elected on the floor of the house of Parliament by the power of one vote and today, I want to remind each one of you that you all have the power of that one vote.
“The power of that one vote helps you to decide whether you vote for the right or wrong choice.
“You decide whether you’re going to be successful or unsuccessful, or to become a great man or woman or end up in prison. Your vote determines your destiny in life, remember that.”
Prime Minister Rabuka also took the opportunity to thank the teachers and school management for their tireless efforts and sacrifices in helping shape the education of the past and present students of Niusawa Methodist High School.
The teachers and students gathered in the shell of the school’s unfinished church to host the Prime Minister high up on a hill overlooking Somosomo Strait.
Foundations of the building were laid in 1992, the first year that Hon. Rabuka became Prime Minister of his Soqosoqo Vakavulewa ni iTaukei Government.
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