Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka, participated in a pivotal meeting of the Pacific ACP (PACP) group in Rarotonga this morning, addressing critical matters regarding the Institutional Arrangements for the OACPS-EU Partnership Agreement and the PACP Regional Protocol.
The discussion revolved around interim arrangements for the operationalisation of the new institutional structures established under the Samoa Agreement until the completion of the Review of the Regional Architecture (RRA).
In a statement Prime Minister Rabuka emphasised the significance of this meeting in ensuring that the OACPS-EU Partnership Agreement, known as the Samoa Agreement, aligns seamlessly with the Regional Architecture, with a primary focus on serving the best interests of the Member States.
“I acknowledge that whilst the signing of the OACPS-EU Partnership Agreement (Samoa Agreement) takes place in Apia on 15 September, there is much work that remains to be carried out in ensuring that the Samoa Agreement aligns with our Regional Architecture and that it effectively supports the best interests of our Member States,” Prime Minister Rabuka stated.
The Prime Minister explained that the use of interim arrangements to facilitate the operationalization of the new institutional structures until the RRA work is completed. The Review of the Regional Architecture is expected to bring about essential reforms that align with the evolving realities and aspirations of the group.
Prime Minister Rabuka also pointed out the availability of funding sources under the Samoa Agreement, which can be instrumental in supporting the operationalization of the institutional arrangements.
However, he urged careful consideration when making decisions on the way forward, emphasizing the importance of prudent financial planning and strategic allocation of resources.
The PACP meeting in Rarotonga brought together leaders from across the Pacific region to deliberate on these critical matters and chart a course that ensures the long-term success of the OACPS-EU Partnership Agreement and the PACP Regional Protocol.
As the discussions progress, leaders in the Pacific region remain committed to finding solutions that benefit their Member States while maintaining flexibility and adaptability to address the changing dynamics of the group.
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