Saturday the First day of July 2023 marked a momentous occasion as Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka officially opened the Moana Saint Clare Boys Hostel in Nakasi. The inauguration ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, members of the community, and the wards of the home.
In his speech, Honorable Rabuka expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the warm welcome he received at the event. He fondly recounted moments from his own past, reflecting on his time as a student and his rugby career.
The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of acknowledging both the chapters of life that fill us with pride and those that may not be as flattering, as they collectively shape our journeys.
“The Moana St Clare Boys Hostel, a home for young boys in need of a safe and nurturing environment, stands as a testament to the compassionate visionaries who conceptualized the idea,” said the Prime Minister.
“I extend my gratitude to these great thinkers, acknowledging their efforts in creating a space where children, regardless of their background, can find solace and support.”
He shared stories of similar establishments, including one run by a dear friend’s son in Kathmandu, Nepal, and conveyed his hope that this new home in Nakasi would provide its young residents with the foundation to become responsible and caring men who contribute positively to society.
“I strongly believe that this home would provide a safe haven for the boys who will reside there, helping them grow into responsible and caring individuals,” said the Prime Minister.
Prime Minister Rabuka praised the spirit of kindness present in many individuals, stating that they need not seek recognition as the unseen God observes their noble actions. He shared anecdotes from his experiences as a peace envoy, highlighting the interconnectedness of people and the significance of doing good for others.
During the ceremony, the Prime Minister also expressed his gratitude to all those who contributed to the construction of the hostel.
“I extend my best wishes to the young boys who would call the Moana St Clare Boys Hostel their new home and I pray for God’s blessings upon them and all those involved in this initiative.”
The Moana St Clare Boys Hostel is now ready to welcome its residents, and the Fiji Government extends its support to ensure the success of this noble endeavor.
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