The affairs of the Banaban people on Rabi Island in the Northern Division of Fiji are administered under the Banaban Settlement Act and Banaban Lands Act (Cap 123 & Cap 124).

The Prime Minister, under the Banaban Settlement Act (Cap 123), is the Minister responsible for the general welfare and good governance of the Banaban Community on Rabi Island.

The Rabi Council of Leaders is a statutory body established under the Banaban Settlement Act (Cap 123) and has oversight for all operational and development issues of the Banaban Community.

Rabi Subvention Fund

The Rabi Subvention Fund was established by the Government through a Cabinet Decision in 1994. The fund was allocated $30,000 in 1994, and the current annual funding level is $95,000.

The main purpose of this fund has previously been to allow the Rabi Island Council to meet its administrative and operational costs.

The allocation of the Rabi Subvention Fund is now re-deployed so that 40% is spent on operational costs and 60% on capital projects.

The allocation of Subvention Fund has not only benefitted the community in terms of development projects but has also engaged the Council to cut down on its operational costs and adopt an increased focus on community welfare and development.

The Rabi Council of Leaders is elected for a four-year term with the next elections scheduled for 2013.

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