SFCCO Careers Expo a Hit

In its strive to market and promote Government indent, the Strategic Framework for Change Coordinating Office (SFCCO) for the first time joined the Ministry of Education in its Careers Expo at Lakeba in the Lau Group in the last week of March this year.

Education Officer Careers Mrs. Reama Pareti said SFCCO’s participation was timely as the students were briefed on the Government Intent 2009 to 2014.

“SFCCO’s participation did not only update students but also got them to understand where Government is steering all of us towards; teachers, members of the communities and civil servants now understand and are challenged to change their approach as we should all work together to build a better Fiji for all,” Mrs. Pareti said.

“We are grateful that this type of opportunity is also given to students in the remote islands, careers expo(s) are usually done in the urban and peri-urban areas, to have careers expo here in the islands is an indication that the Ministry of Education wants every child to be educated from kindergarten, primary, secondary and up to tertiary level,” she said.

“Instead of coming over and leaving the day after – our staying over for a week has allowed us time to discuss career issues with teachers and students as early as Class 6. Instead of leaving everything about career at the last minute children are able to plan their future early with the assistance of teachers, parents, school committees and the vanua.”

More than 200 primary and secondary school, and vocational students flocked to Ratu Finau Secondary School on Friday, March 22nd for the Lakeba careers expo.

SFCCO was one of the 10 exhibitors on the day. The others were: Police, Youth, Lau Provincial Council, Ministry of Justice, Fiji National University, University of Fiji, Post Fiji, Ministry of Education and Fiji Military Forces.

SFCCO display included the 3 sectors – Good Governance, Growing the Economy and Socio-Cultural Issues, 11 pillars of the Peoples Charter for Change, Peace and Progress (PCCPP), the 37 outcomes of the Roadmap for Democracy, Sustainable Socio-Economic Development (RDSSED) and the Strategic Framework for Change (SFC) timelines 2009 – 2014.

First of its kind on Lakeba, Ratu Finau Secondary School principal, Mr. James Rasolo said the expo was an eye opener as students and parents need not go to Suva for higher education now that the school teaches up to Form Seven.

“Government is facilitating this institution with good teachers, in the past students from the islands fail because it took time for them to adjust to urban life, been away from their parents is not easy, now that we are able to teach them to Form 7 level they are be encouraged to make use of these facilities,” Mr. Rasolo said.

Mrs. Pareti apart from the Careers expo also visited the schools on Lakeba Island. She visited Waciwaci Primary School, Uluiqalau District School, Ratu Finau Memorial Primary School and Ratu Mara Vocational Institute.

She also held workshops for parents from Tubou, Waitabu, Waciwaci, Nasaqalau, Vakano, Yadrana and Nukunuku villages respectively soon after meeting teachers and students from Monday to Wednesday – March 25th – 27th.

“Parents are important – the workshops were aimed at parents to change their attitude and approach on education,” she said.

“Parents’ participation has been encouraging, the teachers’ presence also made an impact as we were able to see both side from two important stakeholders for education.”

“Holistically, the approach to education is a commitment from both parents and teachers – Government is doing its part – qualified teachers are on hand to carry out their roles effectively and this can only be complimented if parents play their roles as well in feeding, clothing and seeing that the basics are met.

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