SFCCO Part of Inaugural Vanuabalavu Careers Expo

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) accompanied the Ministry of Education Careers Division to the inaugural Vanuabalavu Careers Expo at Adi Maopa Secondary School (AMSS) in Lomaloma, Lau on June 20th, 2013.
The OPM, represented by the Strategic Framework for Change Coordinating Office (SFCCO), joined the Education team at Lomaloma for the Careers Expo along-side the Ministry of Health, Department of Agriculture, Department of Fisheries and the Fiji Police Force. Other Departments that were not represented but sent information for the children of Vanuabalavu included; the Public Service Commission Scholarship Unit, University of Fiji, the Fiji National University, Ministry of Youth & Sports and the Fiji Military Forces.
Adi Moapa Secondary School was a hive of activity with more than 300 students and teachers flocked to witness the first ever Careers Expo in Vanuabalavu.
Education Officer Mrs. Pareti confirmed that students had to select the right subject combination in pursuing their career path.
“Students must have a goal (career) and work towards it – this can only be accomplished if they have the right subject combination and good marks,” Mrs. Pareti said.
Mrs. Pareti also handed out study planners to students from as early as Class Five to the Vocational Level to assist them with attaining the Advance Level for their subjects.
“We are also stressing to parents that every child should reach Form 7 or if they cannot go up to Form Seven (7) then they can venture into vocational studies because it is important that every child attains a good qualification and skills,” she said.
“It is difficult for maritime students to adjust to a new environment when they go to Viti Levu and or Vanua Levu to continue with high school. Living with relatives is hard and most of the times students drop out. Students must make use of the secondary schools on the island, and with parental support and supervision they should be able to get good marks to get into tertiary institution and even better obtain a scholarship.”
Besides the Careers Expo, SFCCO representative Karalaini Waqanidrola also conducted a Profession Update to more than 60 civil servants on Vanuabalavu of which included teachers, medical staff, policemen, and Agriculture &Fisheries staff.
Mrs. Waqanidrola also accompanied Mrs. Pareti to Daliconi, Mualevu and Mavana to meet with the parents and also attended to a number of referrals and site visitations.

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