Tackle your daily challenges with discipline.
This was the message delivered by Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka to the students of Saqani High School in Cakaudrove during their pass-out parade on Monday 8th, May 2023.
Prime Minister Rabuka congratulated the students for demonstrating high standard of drill and parade maneuvers, adding such display would help shape them to become disciplined individuals.
“We commend you all for coming out here to display this performance even though it is your school holidays,” he told the students after reviewing their parade.
“The moves you have demonstrated today normally takes a lot of preparation time. We congratulate you all and the instructors who made it all possible.
“Cadet training is a very important part in the curriculum of education in any country. For a long time, it was confined to only a few schools, in fact two schools, Queen Victoria School and Natabua High School. It wasn’t until 1997 when government allowed other schools to take up cadet training.
“This is part of instilling discipline in our young people.”
Prime Minister Rabuka, in his address, also shared with the students about the high incidence of drugs related offences in the northern division.
For this, he made a plea to the students to refrain from such unlawful actions.
“I take this opportunity to talk to you directly as young people growing up, please refrain and always avoid the temptation to break the law,” he said.
“When you talk about discipline, it is about denial of self from doing wrong and conforming to what is good for the nation. You discipline yourself and become a disciple of the law of the land.
“You not only obey but you tell others about the right and wrong of living in an organised society. I encourage you all from today on, the future of this great nation depends on you. Tackle your daily lives with discipline.”
The parade’s best all-rounder was the school headboy Natoni Sadrugu of Saqani Village.
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