Villagers of Koronatoga in the province of Navatu, Cakaudrove have been assured that government services will continue to reach their doorsteps.
Prime Minister Honourable Sitiveni Rabuka, while visiting them this weekend, said government will work to ensure that incomplete projects in the area will be looked into.
For this, he highlighted the importance of linking up with government so villagers are well-aware of the progress of their requests and also development plans earmarked for the district.
A talanoa session was held after the formalities where issues such as land boundaries, road infrastructure, e-ticketing systems, women’s projects and network connectivity were among other topics of discussions raised with the Prime Minister.
Government officials present responded to the issues with the update of developments, including expected timeframe of completion.
Prime Minister Rabuka took the opportunity to encourage the youths to build resilience, respect their elders and be independent and self-reliant.
He noted the increase in drug cases in Cakaudrove, stating that it was vitally important for youths to venture into income-generating initiatives to sustain themselves and their families.
The villagers conveyed their appreciation to the Prime Minister for taking time out from his busy schedule to meet with them and also for considering their issues for further facilitation and assistance.
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