Executive Support

Executive Support Office (ESO)

The Executive Office/Permanent Secretary’s Office provides executive support to the Permanent Secretary and the Honourable Prime Minister by:

  • Ensuring the success of the Prime Ministers bilateral meeting, regional and International engagements;
  • Ensuring that all departments within the Office of the Prime Minister provide timely, strategic and expert advice to the Permanent Secretary;
  • Carrying out vigilant oversight in the implementation of objectives of the divisions of the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Sugar and Immigration Department;
  • Continuous engagement and liaison with Ministries under the Prime Minister’s portfolio;
  • Continuous liaison with Permanent Secretaries on instructions and directives of the Prime Minister;
  • Ensure that the Prime Minister’s speeches and messages are prepared and ready in advance;
  • Ensure that re-engagement requests, official overseas releases and appointments that require the Prime Minister’s decision is attended to in a timely manner.

The Executive Office’s main activities are carried out at the Executive Support Office (ESO).  The activities include:

Facilitation and Logistics:

  • Facilitation of invitations;
  • Recording of all minutes;
  • Preparation of PS’s talking points and speeches;
  • Secretariat for PS & DS meeting and facilitation of meeting logistics;
  • Facilitation of internal meetings, stakeholders meetings and membership meetings;
  • Facilitate travel logistics for the Hon. PM and PS on overseas tours (itinerary, e-tickets purchases, liaise with Foreign Affairs on logistical issues etc.).

Monitoring and Follow Through:

  • Follow through of actions on complaints for PS and the Hon. PM from tours, from visits to ground floor/to his residence and those that call the Hon. PM and from correspondences to OPM;
  • Follow through with Permanent Secretaries on the Hon. PMs speeches for events/functions;
  • Follow through with Deputy Secretaries and HODS on duties assigned to them by PSOPM.


  • Preparation of minutes briefing issues raised to PS & the Hon. PM and providing recommendations;
  • Preparation of Quarterly Reports: Speeches and Messages Report; PS Hour, PS &DS Meeting and Stakeholders Meeting;
  • Preparation of Individual QPA;
  • Prepare reports before and after PSOPMs trips on issues for places PS visits.
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